If you know your ring size that’s great. Keep in mind that when selecting a wide band ring it may feel slightly different from a narrow band ring if that is what you are used to. If you are not sure you can go to a local jewelry store and have them size your finger using a wide band ring gauge.


For cuff bracelets these are typical sizes:

  • Small = 5 3/4”
  • Medium = 6 to 6 ¾”
  • Large = 7 to 7 ½”

To measure your wrist for a cuff bracelet take a flexible tape measure and measure approx. 1” below the wrist bone (towards your elbow at the narrowest point). Add ½” to this measurement if you like a close fitting cuff. Add ¾” to 1” if you prefer a looser fitting cuff. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure you can take a piece of string or a narrow strip of paper to measure your wrist as well.


Determining the proper necklace length will depend upon two things:

  1. Your individual neck size
  2. How you want the necklace or pendant to fall against your chest.

The easiest way to measure this is to take a necklace that you already wear and measure that. As a general rule:

  • Small neck size or choker length = 16 to 16 ½”
  • Slight drape (just below the neck) = 16 ¾” to 17 ½”
  • Mid-length = 17 ¾” to 18 ½”
  • Long = 19” to 20”