Most people are familiar with blue turquoise from Native American jewelry produced throughout the American Southwest. A handful of small turquoise mines (mostly in Nevada) produced some interesting shades of green turquoise due to the inclusion of zinc. These include the Carico Lake mine, Pixie, Northern Lights, Orville Jack and Damale. My personal favorite is Carico Lake because it produces some of the most beautiful green stones I have ever seen. You’ll find green apple greens and sometimes even green mixed with pastel blues.   

None of these mines are actually producing today except for the Carico Lake which not a large commercial operation. As might be expected, prices for quality Carico are higher than most blue turquoise which is available from a variety of mines throughout the world. Carico lake greens come from one place on this planet and there is no substitute. Beware of dyed turquoise or other materials used to simulate Carico Lake.